Our Pastor

Pastor Larry Bray has been committed to discipling Pastors and church leaders around the world. He has also spent much time ministering in his local community through preaching, evangelizing, discipling, and counseling. He has equipped Pastors and church leaders in inner-cities like Chester, PA with the tools necessary to bring their communities under the lordship of Christ so that God would be glorified and those communities would be blessed. His experience in Christian education includes serving as President of The North American Reformed Seminary, serving as a Mentor/Teacher with Ekklesia Theological Seminary, and serving as a Mentor/Teacher with The Urban Ministry Institute (a ministry of World Impact). Dr. Bray has published articles with `The Presbyterian Standard' (The James Begg Society) and `Reformed Perspectives Magazine' (Third Millennium Ministries). He has also published several books with `Reformed Worldview Books.'


  • Puritan Reformed Biblical Seminary - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., ad eundem)
  • New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy - Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
  • MINTS International Seminary - Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)
  • The North American Reformed Seminary - Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)